• On May 28-29 we were honored to meet Mr. Wren Elhai, Press attaché from the U.S. Embassy(Astana).

    During two days Mr. Elhai visited AC Karaganda, participated in the “Successful Presentation” and “Global Conversation” clubs. He also took an active part at the “Get in the SCRAP!” program. Also there were meetings with D. Amanzholova, director of Regional  research library

  • On May 21 English Speaking Club users were speaking about the EXPO - 2017. The moderator Elizabeth Blackburn and the AC staff made a nice presentation upon the subject. The forthcoming exhibition held under the motto "Future Energy" will highlight one of the vital subjects,

  • On May 5 AC users were active participants of the topic ''25 Anniversary of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan''.

    Kazakhstan is located in the center of the Eurasia continent and occupies the ninth place in the world in terms of area - 2,724.9 thousand km². In the east, north and northwest, Kazakhstan borders Russia, in the south - with Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Turkmenistan, and in the

  • On Tuesday, May 2 at are kindly invited to the Open Discussion Club.

    Our guest is Mr.Peter Ford a freelance journalist (Masters Degree in Geopolitics and International Security).

    We are looking forward to see you on Tuesday at 5pm.

  • On April 30 English Speaking Club users had a great event dealing with Day of Unity. «Халықтар достығы - бірлік пен береке көзі». "Friendship of people–is a source of unity and prosperity”.

    Our guests were Elizabeth Blackburn,(Fulbright English teaching Assistant), and Galiya Timisheva from Karaganda oblast Tatar centre named “Ikhlas”.