• The best way to make children good is to make them happy.

    Karaganda RURL named after N.V. Gogol` cared about it and that is why we provide an opportunity for children to get inspired, spend their time with the great use even in the Summer time during their holidays. In the frame of program «Summer at the library» we had several lessons of English, local history, art, regional geography and a lot of

  • Сonstitution day of Kazakhstan has been accepted in 1995 August 30.
    So, the Constitution has given to the people of Kazakhstan the most important- is an option. The first article of the Constitution the Republic of Kazakhstan approves itself by the democratic, secular, constitutional and social state which supreme value is the person, his life, the rights and freedoms. It`s the most important holiday in Kazakhstan. On the Constitution day

  • Karaganda city was visited by Deputy Ambassador of the USA by John Mark Pommershaim. High- ranking guest met with Leadership of the regional akimat, visited Karaganda ecological museum and saw our new sport and recreation complex named after Genndy Golovkin, also he  rode a bike through the central streets of the city.

  • On July 3 English Speaking Club users were  happy to discussed holiday Day of Capital

    Young Astana is not only the capital of Kazakhstan but also one of the most beautiful Asian

  • On 5th June AC users discussed the topic ''25 Anniversary of the State Symbols of Kazakhstan''. The word «emblem» can be translated into the Kazakh language as «елтаңба» [eltanba].