For many years, city Department of Education and Karaganda Regional Universal Scientific Library named after N.V. Gogol successfully cooperated in the program "Libraries are cultural bridges connecting the world". Attracting new readers, increasing interest in reading, mutual cooperation with the schools of Karaganda – priority areas in the work of the library.

In the current year, with the support of the Department of Education of Karaganda, library organized competition of written works in English language "What I know about the culture of the USA", which was carried out with an active participation of the volunteers of the US Embassy in Kazakhstan, Ben Taylor and Jordan Bakke. The competition was held from February to March 2018.

Out of the 46 students who applied for participation in the competition 20 people from 14 secondary schools and gymnasiums of the city took part on the final competition. Regional Library named after N.V. Gogol hosted the final stage of the competition on April 4, 2018. Under the terms of the competition, in addition to written work, students had to prepare colorful presentations based on their work. For 4 minutes students brightly and creatively revealed their topic for panel of judges.

The subject of presentations was very diverse. The most interesting presentations were "Works of Mark Twain", "I'm fascinated by Fenimore Cooper", "From the History of Hollywood", "Sports in the USA", "Street Dances", "Traditions and Holidays in the USA" and many others. The judges, which consisted of Abeova Saltanat Konratbekovna, the chief methodologist of foreign languages of the city Department of Education, Ainur Sembaeva the coordinator of "American corner Karaganda", Ben Taylor and Jordan Bakke, announced the best presentations.

The judges took into account the quality of written work, the quality of speech during the presentation and fluency in the presented material. Diplomas of the winners among 8-9th grade were given to the following students:

  • 1 place - Seydolla Ayaulym, school-lyceum № 53 (teacher Zhelyazo O.V.)
  • 2 place - Tsilko Yekim, "Friendship" school (teacher Khan M.I.)
  • 3 place - Oral Aruzhan, school-lyceum №  53 (teacher Zhelyazo O.V.)

Among the students of 10th grade, the winners are:

  • 1 place - Achimbekova Kamila, gymnasium № 9 (teacher Golynska I.R.)
  • 2 place- Kovalchuk Kristina, school № 32 (teacher Dzhumabaeva A.R.)
  • 3 rd place - Dzharylakysynova, school № 52 (teacher Shakirova Zh.S.)

The participants were congratulated and awarded with certificates by Shaimukhanbetova Ainur Sakenovna, deputy director of regional library. The winners received prizes, such as books in English, T-shirts, bags with the emblem of American Corners Kazakhstan.

Participants of the contest "What I know about the culture of the United States" noted that such competitions of the American Corner are needed, as they help to better understand the culture of the United States and offered to organize contests about the culture of other countries.