Reference Department – it is operative, full and competent information on any inquiry.

We have in our department:

  • books: encyclopedias, dictionaries, reference books, bibliographic indexes
  • laws of Republic of Kazakhstan
  • full textual legal Database "Paragraph", "Law" in the Kazakh and Russian languages
  • DB "Periodical press" (more than 100 000 bibliographic records)
  • a summary card file of the periodicals which are subscribed by libraries of  Karaganda
  • a systematic card file of articles in a card form (before 1999)


• consultations for information search in printing and electronic sources
• access to Electronic database
• apply for information of document existence at the library
• bibliographical lists and thematic selections to course works, degree works, dissertations
• edition of a bibliographic part of scientific work
• operative information according to periodicals of Kazakhstan and Russia
• packages of documents on actual problems
• factual references
• Electronic delivery of documents
• Virtual reference

The department was organized in 1958.

Hall of catalogs

The developed syste of catalogs and card files which opens structure and the content of funds and allows to answer various and many-sided inquiries of library’s users. For users established 10 computers.

To services of readers:

  • Alphabetical catalog (in a card form)
  • The systematic catalog (in a card form)
  • Electronic catalog (more than 200 thousand bibliographic records)
  • A card file of the periodicals received by library

Head: Bayan Uataeva

Phone: 7 (7212) 56 - 74 - 64

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.