Department Mission:

  1. The active involvement and organization of the service of users with  literature in a foreign languages.
  2. Promote a sense of tolerance for the culture and languages of different peoples
  3. To promote the study of foreign languages in the "Trinity languages" .

Department Goals:

 To compile book and electronic collections that will support the study of Karaganda regional languages

  • To compile book and electronic collections that will support the study of foreign languages
  • The formation of the educational environment of the region
  • Information services for professionals and users.
  • Attracting  readers
  • Promoting literature of Kazakhstan in the context of foreign language and intercultural communication

Department Resources:

  • Original academic resources, reference books and fiction for foreign language teachers, specialists and students in 20  languages available in print and electronic format.
  • Collection of popular science and feature films in English, French, German and other languages.
  • Periodicals  in traditional and electronic format 
  • EDB  "Englishbook"

The Department  Offers :

Department Activities:

  • Public lectures with specialists
  • Educational distant seminars in English (webinars)
  • International Educational Program Presentations 
  • Round Tables and Debates
  • Meetings with the national ethnocultural centers  of Karaganda

Our partners:

User services:

 Head: Voropaeva Tatyana Vadimovna

Tel.: +7 (7212) 493375

e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Reference Department – it is operative, full and competent information on any inquiry.

We have in our department:

  • books: encyclopedias, dictionaries, reference books, bibliographic indexes
  • laws of Republic of Kazakhstan
  • full textual legal Database "Paragraph", "Law" in the Kazakh and Russian languages
  • DB "Periodical press" (more than 100 000 bibliographic records)
  • a summary card file of the periodicals which are subscribed by libraries of  Karaganda
  • a systematic card file of articles in a card form (before 1999)


• consultations for information search in printing and electronic sources
• access to Electronic database
• apply for information of document existence at the library
• bibliographical lists and thematic selections to course works, degree works, dissertations
• edition of a bibliographic part of scientific work
• operative information according to periodicals of Kazakhstan and Russia
• packages of documents on actual problems
• factual references
• Electronic delivery of documents
• Virtual reference

The department was organized in 1958.

Hall of catalogs

The developed syste of catalogs and card files which opens structure and the content of funds and allows to answer various and many-sided inquiries of library’s users. For users established 10 computers.

To services of readers:

  • Alphabetical catalog (in a card form)
  • The systematic catalog (in a card form)
  • Electronic catalog (more than 200 thousand bibliographic records)
  • A card file of the periodicals received by library

Head: Bayan Uataeva

Phone: 7 (7212) 56 - 74 - 64

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 The reading room has universal maintenance and a profile fund:

  • dictionaries,
  • encyclopedias,
  • author's abstracts of dissertations,
  • textbooks and manuals,
  • monographies,
  • the art classical literature.

To services of readers we representative the richest fund "Kazakhstan literature" (more than 10 thousand units of storage).

Thematic presentations, evenings , book exhibitions, literature viewings are organized.

In 2008 “the Resource Center in studying of the Kazakh language” is organized. Within the limits of the center the target Program "the Kazakh language – your, my, our language" is created. In book fund the educational and methodical literature, dictionaries and phrase books in the help of studying of a state language are allocated. For all people who want to study the Kazakh spoken language - the club is opened “We speak  Kazakh".

Head: Raisa Hairova

Mission: The department of  libraries development promotes preservation and search of new ways of  libraries development area; the organizations of highly professional seminars, trainings, with a view of development of training and providing information.

In the spirit of this Mission department pursues the following aims:

  • formation of  library policy  of the region
  • analytical and statistical monitoring of a condition and development of a library science in the region
  • formation of unity strategy of local history development  and integration of local lore resources into the same regional network.
  • strengthening of information capacity of libraries by means of new information technologies, creation of electronic catalogs and problem-directional databases
  • formation of the marketing concept in advancement of electronic services
  • formation  of information security policy in development of information systems
  • development of sites, Web 2.0 technologies
  • development of corporate activity
  • increase  information culture of region’s library workers
  • strengthening positions of country library as public source of operative informing in the local community
  • rendering of the advisory and practical methodical help in improvement
  • organizations of region’s  libraries activity
  • coordination of methodical work with other regional libraries

Head: Issyk Irina Sergeevna

Phone: 7 (7212) 56 - 77 - 55

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 Since 2001 year Internet Sector works at the Regional Research  library named after N.V. Gogol.  The primary goals of sector are:

  • A free access to Internet resources
  • Help in search and saving of necessary information
  • Studying of reader's inquire for the purpose of full satisfaction of  informational needs.

Carry out research of Internet resources (electronic libraries, full text databases of the Kazakhstani  and foreign periodical press), creation of "Online collection" databases which contains the bibliographic information with the attached full texts of documents.

To services of users are provided 6 computers with the allocated line with speed of 526 Mb/seconds. Besides, we have such services as  a work with e-mail, thematic information search in the Internet and copying of documents, scanning, a set and text listing, viewing of electronic editions. At the sector internet we have also trainings of Internet bases, (e-mail) and free computer courses with a text editor of WORD.

Head: Eltsova Irina Alekseevna