The reading room has universal maintenance and a profile fund:

  • dictionaries,
  • encyclopedias,
  • author's abstracts of dissertations,
  • textbooks and manuals,
  • monographies,
  • the art classical literature.

To services of readers we representative the richest fund "Kazakhstan literature" (more than 10 thousand units of storage).

Thematic presentations, evenings , book exhibitions, literature viewings are organized.

In 2008 “the Resource Center in studying of the Kazakh language” is organized. Within the limits of the center the target Program "the Kazakh language – your, my, our language" is created. In book fund the educational and methodical literature, dictionaries and phrase books in the help of studying of a state language are allocated. For all people who want to study the Kazakh spoken language - the club is opened “We speak  Kazakh".

Head: Raisa Hairova