Amanzholova Dina Bazarbaevna, Director

Mrs. Amanzholova was born on June 07, 1976 in Osakarovka settlement of Karaganda region. In 1994 she has graduated from Karaganda College of culture having a librarianship specialty of. In 2006 Mrs. Amanzholova graduated from Kazakhstani Financial Economic University on speciality Psychology.In 2015 graduated from magistracy of Chelyabinsk State Academy of Culture and Arts. Master of Library and Information activities.

Since 1994 has been working as a librarian, senior librarian, head of Circulation Department and in 2010 she became a Director of Gogol library.

As part of the State Program of US Department "American Corners in Kazakhstan" visited largest libraries of the United States and the became a member of ALA conference (11-30 June 2012), participant of the 20th International Conference "Crimea 2013".


  • Award Pin of Ministry of Culture and Sport of Kazakhstan "Мәдениет саласының үздігі", 2014
  • Award Pin of National library of the Republic of Kazakhstan "Кітапхана ісінің ардагері", 2014.
  • Badge of Honour of National academic library of the Republic of Kazakhstan "Кітапхана ісінің шебері", 2014.

Phone: 8(7212) 567655
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Karaganda regional research library named after N.V.Gogol (Erubaeva,44) was established in 1934 and was originally started like a city one. In 1938 the library was elevated to regional status. At it's inception, the library inseparably linked with building and development of the Karaganda coal basin and a city of Karaganda. Social development and economic infrastructure of area also promoted to library development. There is a rise from a city library to regional universal research library with functions of depositary of regional studies and periodicals and author's abstracts of dissertations.