Karaganda Regional Research Library named after Gogol N.V.— the largest fund keeper of periodicals in the Karaganda area.

About 500 names of periodicals in Kazakh, Russian languages arrives at the library fund every year.

Main aim of sector of the periodical press – maintenance of an free access to fund of the periodical press of current and retrospective character in all branches of knowledge.

Head: Abeuova Bakyt Kazaliyevna

Phone: 7 (7212) 56 - 53 - 04

Circulation Department - the unique department of library which are giving out the literature to read at home.
Many-sided book fund is capable to satisfy exacting taste of the most advanced reader, giving books on all branches of knowledge, products of world fiction, beginning  with ancient and finishing by modern (memoirs, detectives, a fantasy and love novels), and also encyclopedias, inquires, manuals and periodic and literary art editions.