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Dear readers!

The book fond of Regional research library named after N.V. Gogol got a new collection of books. Look through the list, please


63.3 (5Каз)


The history of sovereign Kazakhstan: 20 years of independence. Historical and documentary survey.[Text]/ Editorial Board: Dr. B. Ayagan, M.Anafinova (Ph.D.), R.Abazov (Ph.D.). Edited by B.Ayagan. - Almaty: Rarity, 2011. – 400p.- ISBN 978-601-250-138-4

Dedicated to 20th Anniversary of the independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan.“The History of Sovereign Kazakhstan: 20 years of Independence” aims to present the overview of the history of Kazakhstan since independence. The book assesses historical, political and economic development in the country focusing on the Kazakhstan government’s policies in reforming political and economic systems. It also analyses problems and challenges of the transition from the Soviet centralized socialist system to the free market oriented economy.

82.3 (5Каз)


Kaskabasov, S.

The cradle of creativity.[Text] / S. Kaskabasov.-Astana:Audarma, 2010.-464p.-ISBN 9965-18-314-7

The unquenchable strength and unbridled imagination of the Kazakh people found their reflection in folkloric art. In this book, masterpieces of Kazakh folklore are analyzed; socio-historical foundations and aesthetic essentials are explored in epic memorials, historic songs, and legendary tales and fables; and international connections of Kazakh folklore and interaction between various aspects of folk art are demonstrated.

This work is directed toward specialists and those who work in field of culture and art.



Zaibert, V.

Botay.The sources of the steppe civilization.[Text] : [Albom] / V. Zaibert. - Almaty: “Balausa”,2011. – 480p.illustrated.-ISBN 9965-672-70-9

The book is devoted to one of the most significant periods of the ancient history of the Old World –Calcholithic (Eneolithic) or Copper-stone age (IV – the beginning of III millennium BC).

In the North –Kazakhstan and Central Kazakhstan steppe the horse was harnessed took place in IV m. BC for the first time on the planet. The humankind changed the walking communication to horse communication after several millions years of evolution. Exactly that moment was the initial point of the steppe civilization, the dynamic accelerator of the world historical process. The historical value of this fact is colossal! Beginning from the IV millennium BC – the time of the botay culture formation –until the industrial epoch XVII-XVIII centuries the horse played the main role in evolution of civilization process not only in steppe, but all over the Old world.

63.3 (5 Каз)4-7

М 22

Mamraimov, A.

Sacred places on the Great Silk Road. [Text] / A. Mamraimov. - Almaty: “Almatykitapbaspasy”, 2009.-288p., illustrated. – ISBN 978-601-01-0287-3

Many years of his life the author dedicated to journalism, writer’s work, and documentaries. It is thanks to his efforts that the history and culture of Kazakh nation had been become known in many countries of the world.

In Mamraimov’s book, interesting events in history and secrets kept by the ancient monuments of archaeology and culture open up to the reader. Readers will take a fresh look at the Great Silk Road that connected countries and people.



New life for ancient traditions. [Text]: [illustrated book].-Almaty: “Apple print” LLP publishing house, 2010. - 291p. : illustrated.

This book assembled items kept at the museums and private collections, as well as pieces made by contemporary artists that demonstrate the continuity of traditions and identify new trends.


65.9(7 Сое)

В 43

Bennett, A.E.

25 business stories. [Text] /A.E. Bennett. – Springfield: Merriam – Webster, Inc., 2008.-127p. – ISBN 978-087779-683-1

A practical guide for English learners. This is where 25 business stories comes in. Written at an intermediate level, it bridges the gap between the language learner and the real business world. It covers a wide range of topics in its five sections. In the section on business successes, you will read about amazing companies like Apple. And in the section on business failures, you’ll read about New Coke, one of the most famous mistakes in corporate history. These are just two of the many interesting - and sometimes exciting –stories waiting for you in the pages that follow. An informative collection of 25 true business stories especially written for English language learners.

74.268.13 Англ

H 58

Herrell, A.L.

50 strategies for teaching English language learners. [Text] / A.L. Herrel. – Boston: Pearson Education, Inc., 2012. – 315p. – ISBN 978-0-13-248750-4

Fifty strategies for teaching English language learners includes a rich assortment of practical strategies aligned to TESOL standards which have been field-tested in diverse classrooms. Each strategy includes a brief explanation, step-by-step instructions on how to plan and use the strategy, and two classroom scenario demonstrating how the strategy can be adapted for different grade levels and content areas.

This book included additional language and literacy development strategies, technology strategies, and assessment strategies to support both pre-service and in-service teachers. Also includes the following exciting new features: new strategies, expanded emphasis on the use of technology and a focus on the use of assessment to ensure effective instruction.

74.268.13 Англ

R 39

Reiss, J.

120 content strategies for English language learners: teaching for academic success in secondary school [Text] / J. Reiss. – Boston: Pearson Education, Inc., - 2012. – 195 p. – ISBN 978-0-13-247975-2

Best- selling author Jodi Reiss presents teachers with practical instructional and assessment strategies, built on a strong foundation of second language acquisition theories and principles. The 120 strategies address all aspects of teaching your English language learners, from building background knowledge, through facilitating instruction, textbook comprehension, activities, and assignments, to assessing learning. These concise and easy-to-follow strategies will help you maximize your secondary students’ performance potential in the content areas at every level of English language development.

Book includes 18 new strategies and 15 new practical applications, as well as substantial additions in the areas of reading the textbook , review techniques and products, and questioning technique for increased classroom participation. Reis has expanded and updated the TechConnection feature, included a book Club section with questions for self-directed discussion, and added a chart of select strategies cross –referenced with core content areas in addition to the previously included chart of strategies that support the four language skills.


G 45

Gilbert, J.B.

Clear speech from the start: student’s book. [Text] / J.B. Gilbert. –New York: Cambridge University Press, 2011.-134p. Audio CD. – ISBN 978-0-521-61905-9

This book gives beginning students immediate help with the essential elements of English pronunciation. Like Clear Speech, this lower-level text concentrates on the features that will make the biggest difference in students’ ability to understand and communicate with others, such as rhythm, intonation, and sounds as grammar cues.

Student’s book includes simple vocabulary, short sentences, and visual cues that make the material accessible to beginners, a unique way of representing vowels that makes their pronunciation easy to learn, visual representations of important concepts such a vowel length, “Music of English” boxes that teach students the fundamental patterns of English rhythm and intonation, for self-study, student audio CD containing 55 listening and speaking exercises.

Class audio program includes listening material for all the activities in he book, a variety of speakers using natural-sounding speech, numerous dialogues filled with examples of key pronunciation features.


G 45

Gilbert, J.B.

Clear speech from the start: teacher’s resource book. [Text] / J.B. Gilbert. – New York: Cambridge University Press, 2010.-147p. Audio CD. – ISBN 978-0-521-63735-0

This book gives beginning students immediate help with the essential elements of English pronunciation. Like is higher-level counterpart, Clear speech, his new text concentrates on topics, such as rhythm, intonation, and sounds as grammar cues, that will make the biggest difference in students’ ability to understand and communicate with others. With it creative new graphics –based approach , Clear Speech from the start makes it possible to teach beginning student the essentials of English pronunciation without relying on verbal explanations.

Teacher’s resource book includes teaching suggestions and extra examples to support tasks, creative idea for classroom presentation. Theoretical support for new approaches to teaching pronunciation, answer keys, quizzes, and audio scripts.

Audio program includes a broad election of exercise, a variety of speakers using natural – sounding speech, numerous dialogs filled with examples of key pronunciation features.

Clear Speech from the Start is suitable as classroom text, for laboratory use, and for self-study.