In honor of celebration of 85th birthday of Karaganda, there will be launch astronomy club in Karaganda Regional Universal Scientific Library named after N. Gogol. Our city has always been closely connected with space. As everyone knows, the first astronaut from Kazakhstan was our homie. And especially it must be admitted the relevance of researching of outer space today, accordingly we are launching this club. The aim is introduction with basics of astronomy and world leaders in researching of outer space.

In February 15th of 2019 at 4.00 p.m. there will be opening of the club in collaboration with well-known public activist of Karaganda -  Damir Karimov. There will expect you appliance of telescope, quiz about space.

Quote from the article, which was published on informational portal EKaraganda – “Meetings will be conducted two times a week as master-classes, which is supposed to take 1,5-2 hours… Club has telescope, which allows you to watch at the start in the summer, and also we have planetarium, which will gather the member of the club in the winter.” The program of the club is estimated for half an year. The club will be conducted in Russian language, there will be discussing about entertainment facts and details of researches of outer space. In the spring we are going to invite people, which is familiar with astronomy and physics.

"Today the opening ceremony is held by Damir Karimov, who puts up his telescopes and allows people to look at the sky. It is very symbolic that Damir will open, because he is a kind of symbol of interest in astronomy in Karaganda"

Fragment of the article by correspondent Kymbat Kalieva from Karaganda: "Many people mistakenly believe that the longer the telescope, the closer it will show the stars. In fact, this is not the case, the value of the telescope in the lens. And in physics, everyone knows that there is a feature, the larger the diameter of the lens, the more light it absorbs."

Originator of the club program came forward such permanent volunteers of American Corner, who are working in Department of International Book – Tatarikov Victoria and Shorin Alihan. They’re keen on space and being students they have demonstrated creative approach to preparation of events.

Social activist of our city, graduated student of exchange program – Damir Karimov has demonstrated interest    to the club and he is going to tell a lot of interesting things on the opening.

According to interest of the teenagers to the space theme, we are guessing that 2019, which is declared the year of teens in Republic of Kazakhstan, will bring a lot of useful and interesting things, and will increase the level of knowledge about space to Gogolevka visitors.
Join us on next Friday at 4.00 p.m.! Explore space with us!