Due to the pandemic situation in the world, many organizations had to switch into online work. The KRUS library named after N.V. Gogol has been working online since March. To make our work meaningful, we conducted the virtual English language conversation clubs in live-stream on Instagram. So far we have discussed such topics as reading books, plans for summer in quarantine, youngers’ problems, and so on. The conversation clubs helped to reveal answers to some questions, i.e., “What do people prefer to read electronic or printed books?” or “What did you read during the quarantine?” Also, our staff talked about Henry Wadsworth and his works. These kinds of discussions many participants found useful and productive. We can say that it is undoubtedly an effective way of practicing listening skills and stay at home at the same time as well as keeping a connection with our readers. The KRUS library named after N.V. Gogol will continue to conduct regular English speaking clubs. We invite our readers to join the live streams on Instagram and discuss hot topics with us. In the upcoming conversation clubs, we'll be discussed such topics as childhood books, myths and legends, and the celebration of the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan.