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On December 15,  the English club users  held a round table “Еселі еңбек еленген күн=Independence is the road to the future=Независимость – открытая дорога в будущее”, dedicated to the Independence Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Independence Day of Kazakhstan is the main national holiday in our Republic , which is celebrated in Kazakhstan annually on December 16 - December 17. With the collapse of the USSR in 1991, the Union countries became a separate state. Among them was Kazakhstan. On December 16, 1991 the Supreme Council of Kazakhstan adopted the law "On independence and sovereignty of the state".  The country received legal registration of the status of an independent democratic and legal state, exercising full power in its territory, independently determining and pursuing home and foreign policy.

Kazakhstan was the last among the countries of the USSR, which adopted the law on independence. This law, together with the Declaration of sovereignty of Kazakhstan adopted on October 25, 1990, strengthened the country of the Kazakh nation. Official recognition of Kazakhstan's independence was recognized by the United States of America, which was the first country overseas, followed by China, followed by the United Kingdom. This was recognized by Mongolia, France, Japan, South Korea, Iran and other states.

“On this day (Dec. 16, 1991), we started our Kazakhstan Way. We have implemented a great mission—we began our independence. Time flies,” Kazakhstan’s  First president N. Nazarbayev said during the most recent Independence Day celebration. “Today, what came just after the birth of independent Kazakhstan is already history, receding into eternity. We must judge our past in comparison with our current great achievements. Twenty-two years ago, we could only dream that we could grow our economy. This year, Kazakhstan is among the 50 most competitive countries in the world.”


It was also noted that for 28 years in independent Kazakhstan economic and political reforms were carried out, which significantly increased the authority of the Republic in the international arena. Kazakhstan is a member of international and regional organizations, known as a reliable partner of both Western and Eastern States. Kazakhstan’s policy is aimed at achieving international guarantees of sovereignty and independence of the state. Kazakhstan is a member of the UN and its leading agencies, other international organizations. It is a member of the Collective Security Treaty Organization, the Eurasian Economic Community, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, the initiator of the Conference on Interaction and Confidence Building Measures in Asia.

We also mentioned  seven assets Kazakhstan gained upon independence, including its land and secure borders, the unity of Kazakhstan’s people, the country’s culture and language, its industry and innovation, the Society of Universal Labor the country is building, the city of Astana and the nation’s sense of global responsibility. Independence Day is usually one of the nation’s most important holidays. It tells the story of the nation and represents its most important values; and Kazakhstan is no different.

All over the country in the days leading up to December 16, large festivities including concerts, exhibitions and competitions were held to celebrate the anniversary of Kazakhstan gaining independence in December 1991. On the eve of the holiday, prominent citizens of Kazakhstan were awarded: in culture, arts, sports and politics. All then participants   who participated in the dialogue expressed their pride for their country, love for their native land, native land.

Baimuezina Sh.

International book department