On August 25 Youth English section discussed a topic "Конституция – ел тірегі=Конституция РК - основной Закон моей страны=Constitution as a basic Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan"

Constitution Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan is one of the official holidays celebrated in Kazakhstan on August 30. This is considered by many people to be the most important of all state  holidays. It was August 1995 when the Kazakh people approved the new Constitution draft at the national referendum. The country’s basic law laid a foundation for the all-round development of the state. The document is rightfully considered nationwide. Even at the initial stages, citizens took an active part in the discussion of the draft Constitution. This was one of the decisive moments on the way of building an independent state in Kazakhstan.

Kazakhstan obtained its independence in 1991 but it was only in 1995 when the Basic Law of the Republic was finally approved. This holiday the most important state holiday since it reflects the Kazakh people’s will, their aspiration to approve the country as a democratic secular, constitutional and social state (Art.1 of the Constitution of Kazakhstan).

The Basic Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan was amended and modified twice:in 1998 and 2007. In 2007 the Constitution fixed a new form of a state system – presidential parliamentary. The people believe that the Constitution formed the basis for the establishment of a solid country. Kazakhstan’s achievements over the years of independence resulting from observation of the present Constitution and the laws based on it. One can learn more about this state holiday while using the books from the book exposition.

By tradition on Constitution Day festivities, concerts and different exhibitions are held in all regions and cities of the Republic. You can watch parades and games in the rural and mountain regions. The main festivity and official events are held in the country’s capital Nur-Sultan. In our city you can visit concert stages, where Kazakh and foreign artists give performances. Solemn events are held in many parks and in the evening you can enjoy watching beautiful fireworks.