On August 7 AC users participated in discussion  “Аңыз тұлға, абыз ақын”. This discussion is part of the action “Бір ел-Бір кітап =Одна страна – Oдна книга=One country - One book”.  Since 2007, this action is held in our country, thanks to the efforts of all the librarians of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The aim of the campaign is to promote Kazakh literature, increase public interest in reading. As well as to promote intellectual and spiritual development of the young generation.

This year, the republican action "One Country - One Book" offers for general reading the works of  two outstanding Kazakh writers - Abish Kekilbaev, the novel "The End of the Legend" and  Abdilda Tazhibaev’s  poetry works.

Kekilbaev (1939-2015) - Kazakh writer, critic and publicist. He has written over 50 books, which have become a notable phenomenon in the literary life of Kazakhstan. Including historical novels "Pleiades - a constellation of hope" and "Flashes", for which the author was awarded the State Prize of the Republic of Kazakhstan named after Abai. His most famous work was the novel "The End of the Legend".

Some participants recited A. Tazhibaev’ poems in Kazakh and Russian, whereas Abish Kekilbayev’s work in Kazakh, Russian ang German. Then all the participants provided their own points of views regarding benefits of such events and its rationale behind. The participants had enjoyed discussing these authors and emphasized that they enlarged their knowledge related to the works of Abdilda Tazhibaev and Abish Kekilbaev.