December 12 there was useful and interesting event. In the library our guest-speaker – Aigerim Satarova, washeld a session “Sugar Sucks, or 11 reasons to quit sugar” on why you need to stop taking sugar. 37 people attended the session. Half of them are regular visitors of the library, there were several people who learned about the event from social networks and came for the first time, there were also several people who personally know the speaker.

Information about speaker. AigreimSatarova - IIN health-coach and ambassador (Integrative Nutrition), mother of 4 kids. She used to work for US government, British Embassy to Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, European Union.

Aigerim told 11 reasons why we should seriously think about giving up sugar. Cellular aging, premature skin aging, negative effects on the liver, increased depression and negative effects on cognitive function are only half of the reasons why we need to reduce the amount of sugar consumed.

The session was exciting because Aigerim divided the participants into 11 groups of 2-3 people. each group received a reason for which it is necessary to stop the excessive use of sugar. Then she would call each group in turn, and people would tell them what they knew about the reason. It was interesting because the session was in English, and many of the terms were in English, but all the people did a great job, and shared their own ways of stopping sugar consumption.

After, Aigerim identified several points that will help stop the use of sugar. She arranged a great interactive, as asked people what they know about how to replace sugar in your diet. Someone offered to prepare snacks for the whole working day, someone offered to buy dried fruits and prepare fruit chips. Aigerim also told that it is necessary to eat, include all fats, proteins and carbohydrates in the diet so that there is no need to consume large amounts of sugar.

The audience was very interesting. Students, students, workers, University teachers, the elderly. Everyone was interested to learn the facts about sweet, improve their English, develop listening and speaking skills in English.

Also excellent work was done on the reviews. In social networks, people wrote about how they liked the session, published on their page photos from the library, shared their impressions. We believe that the session was great, because on a weekday, people gathered to listen about a healthy lifestyle, also to practice English skills.