Our English Speaking club users always have discussions on national celebrations in Kazakhstan. On September 9 they shared opinions on the topic  related with  Family Day  in our country: "Тату шаңырақ – бақыттық шаңқай түсі = День семьи в РК = Family Day in  Kazakhstan". Family day was created in order to raise public awareness of important family-related issues. It also aims to draw the attention of the general public to common family problems, especially those of young families, large families, single-parent families, as well as the families of veterans and people with disabilities.

The Family Day was officially initiated in Kazakhstan on September 8, 2013. The President N.A. Nazarbayev  said that throughout generations strong family ties have nurtured the best spiritual and moral values such as tolerance, diligence, love for the motherland, respect towards elders and hospitality. “The Family Day strengthens all of these qualities and teaches the younger generation of the importance of responsible marriage, care for children and elders. Family is the foundation of Kazakhstani society and the basis of all achievements”. 

Also N.A. Nazarbayev noted a positive change in the social benefits, the quality of education, healthcare and increase of work places in industrial and innovative projects. He added that the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan continued its work for the peace and wellbeing of all Kazakhstanis.

We used a video where the President spoke about the national competition “Happy Family “in Kazakhstan. “In all regions of the country the worthiest families have been chosen. They are the prime examples for all our countrymen, and in particular for young people who are yet to start their families. Today I wish all Kazakhstani families to have good health, peace and unity! All 17 million Kazakhstanis are one big family that is moving towards higher goals and ensuring the development of our country in the 21st century,” Nazarbayev said.

The Family Day in Kazakhstan is celebrated on the second Sunday of September. It has become a tradition to celebrate the Family Day every year, to hold the National Contest "Happy Family".

Family Day in Kazakhstan is marked with various events and activities, including concerts and other cultural events, sports competitions, congratulations to young spouses who married or became parents on Family day, and events honoring couples that have been married for 50, 60 or 70 years.