On July 4 English Speaking club users discussed the topic “Астана-алтын тұғыр. Астана -город будущего. Astana –city of the future”.

It was connected with the birthday of our young capital.  Astana - the capital of the Republic of Kazakhstan, a symbol of national unity, the essence of the strategic plans and aspirations of an independent state, a major national project to create an ultra-modern metropolis of the XXI century.

A new page in the history of independent Kazakhstan - May 6,1998 according to the Decree of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the capital of Kazakhstan, Akmola was renamed to Astana. The general plan of the city was designed with the idea of President Nursultan Nazarbayev to grant the city Eurasian shape outstanding Japanese architect Kisho Kurokava.

The modern city spread out on the banks of the river Yesil, surprises with its fantastic designs, the shining lights avenues. Astana - Kazakhstan is an innovative heart. The capital is the driving force of the national innovation process, determining motion vectors for other regions. At the present stage, Astana is the center of all the processes taking place in modern Kazakhstan.  The population of the capital - one of the youngest in the country. The average age of residents of the capital - for 32 years. The capital's universities, museums, theaters, libraries, exhibitions, concert halls make the capital  the keeper of the best traditions and cultural achievements.  A significant event in the cultural life of the capital was the official opening of the Classical Theatre of Opera and Ballet "Astana Opera", a priceless gift for the 15th anniversary of Astana. At the beginning of XXI century, Astana is a genuine planetary dialogue platform to promote and call for tolerance, and peace.  The President of Kazakhstan noted in the Strategy "Kazakhstan - 2050 ":

We built the new capital of the country - Astana. It is a modern city that has become our symbol and pride. We were able to use the potential of the capital in order to show the world the possibilities of our country. That is why the international community has chosen the venue for the Kazakhstan World Exhibition «EXPO- 2017". 

The capital of Kazakhstan - Astana is now perceived not just as an administrative center of the country, as well as a true symbol of the transformation taking place in Kazakhstan, the creative energy of the people of faith in their own strength, hope and confidence in their future.