On September 14, the American Corner Karaganda made a presentation of FLEX program due to the launch of calls of applications for this program.

Through the cooperation with the City Department of education, we invited a large number of  students. The moderators of the event were students  from the local school Murager. Being FLEX alumni, they offered  a nice presentation about their host families and high schools in Minnesota and Georgia states . They said that the year if the USA was truly unforgettable for them as they learned a lot of new things and made many new friends. This inspired the attendees of the event to participate in this program. Over seventy high school students visited  the event !

Into addition to the presentation, we created a book exhibition with tests books, books about the application process, handbooks for international students in the USA, etc.

Result: the event was also visited by a methodologist from the City Department of Education,  local high school teachers who asked many questions. The American Corner shared the information about this education exchange program for teenagers  and won many new AC patrons!