On July 4th, the American Corner Karaganda had a nice event dedicated to the U.S. Independence Day. At the AC Karaganda we discussed how the Americans celebrate this holiday – families celebrate it with relatives and friends having barbecues, picnics, playing baseball, their homes are decorated with American flags and balloons generally colored in red, white, and blue –the colors of the American flag. But the fireworks and parades are something really special on this day!

We invited to the party Eric Turner (Florida Department of Education Secondary Educator) and a former Peace Corps Volunteer Katie Roders who helped us to make the event especially exciting and informative. We used the materials received from the US Embassy (Astana) and also prepared a book exhibition – they helped to answer thematic quiz questions!

Result: Over thirty AC patrons were present at the event. We had an interesting presentation and discussion about the American history, learned many new facts while answering the 4th of July quiz and got prizes. We also had a nice tea party! The American Corner Karaganda organizes celebrations every year, but each time it is different and memorable!