On June 14, the American Corner Karaganda had a nice event  devoted to the Flag Day in the USA. English teachers from Karaganda business academy helped us a lot to make it more interesting.

We made a presentation using the materials send from the US Embassy , Kazakhstan.

The audience learned more about the American flag history: that the American flag – also nicknamed as "Old Glory" or "Star-spangled banner" – has changed its designs over the centuries and that the US President is requested to issue each year a proclamation to call on government officials in the USA to display the flag of the United States on all government buildings.

We discussed the topic in small groups and then played a special Flag Day Word search looking for important words related to the celebration - Betsy Ross, Frances Scott Key, grand Union and others. We also had a Flag day celebration tea party!

Result: it was a true cross-cultural lesson: recently, in Kazakhstan we have celebrated a Day of National Symbols and the audience was excited to learn about similar American holiday.