On March 18 we had a great event with Aleisha Woodward - Counselor for Press, Culture, and Education U.S. Embassy Astana in Kazakhstan at our Speaking club. The aim of  visit is the 25th anniversary campaign celebrating relations between the United States and Kazakhstan,to strengthen intercultural relationship.

Active AC patrons participated in open discussion with Counselor. There was a book exhibition full of the books of American writers which were translated in Kazakh language, interesting articles from newspapers, magazines and etc. The meeting begun with the discussion  of  what the Kazakhstan and USA have accomplished together over the past  25 years. Everybody shared with their information. Grabbing an opportunity our AC users asked Counselor about visa-support, educational , exchange programs and other issues exercising. Further they worked in groups. The task was to think about what partners may achieve over the next 25 years. Each group offered interesting suggestion concerning education, medicine, exchange programs and etc. The discussion was very exciting and in a friendly atmosphere.It was great opportunity to talk with Aleisha Woodward and to practice English to our AC users. At the end of meeting Aleisha said that she highly appreciate the friendship of two countries.

Thanks to our honorable guest and participants!