American Corner  started in 2006 with the support of  Administration of  culture on  Karaganda region and the U.S. Embassy in Kazakhstan.   American Corner is actively promoting new educational programs, especially  in studying foreign languages.

The purpose of the American Corner:

  • creating a good resource for teaching English in Karaganda  region,
  • implementation of   Kazakhstan Development of Education Program, 2005- 2010
  • Promoting literature on the U.S. economy, policy, culture and art among the library users  
  • Creating a stock of English books focused on the United States and other English speaking countries.

The objectives of the American Corners:

  • Compiling book and electronic collections in English for specialists and teachers of educational institutions for improvement professional skills;
  • the development of intellectual and creative abilities of users in the process of learning  English ;
  • organization informational, educational  and entertainment events

American Corner annually conducts:

  • 20-30 educational Seminars and Round Tables
  • 30-40 club meetings «Lingua Viva!»
  • 5-6 meetings with the scientists, writers  and prominent people from the United States

Main topics of the American Corner:

«Kazakh  and  American customs and traditions » ,  “ Young capital Astana”,  “Education in the USA”,  “Cultural Tolerance” , etc.

The main participants in the American Corner  students of seven   universities in Karaganda,   and  also schools, gymnasiums and lyceums  students.

Teachers of English  are involved in  training seminars on a variety of topics related to various aspects of the U.S. life  and institutions.  American Corner   activities  are in accordance with   the objectives of the Strategy “Kazakhstan -2030”