• On October, 16 th as usual English Speaking club was held at American Corner Karaganda in Gogol library. The topic was – World  Food Day. CC Program Alumna-Olga Volkova conducted the club.

  • On September 14th 2015 American poetess and writer Michelle Chan Brown conducted a training to young generation. "Celebrate Yourself: How to Write an Epic Poem" with a little help of Walt Whitman. On the base of the poem "Song of myself"

  • Family means no one gets left behind or forgotten.

    David Ogden Stiers

    The Family Day was officially initiated in Kazakhstan on September 8, 2013.

    Nazarbayev said that throughout generations strong family ties have nurtured the best spiritual and moral values such as tolerance,

  • On Sunday, August 23, AC users were discussing the upcoming holiday-Constitution Day in Kazakhstan. Twenty years ago on August 30, 1995 as a result of the nationwide referendum, Kazakhstan's Constitution – the supreme national law – was adopted establishing the rules and principles of building Kazakhstan as an independent state.

    On 30 August the Republic of Kazakhstan celebrated the Constitution

  • On Sunday, August 16, AC patrons disscussed the biography of a great Kazakh poet, composer, philosopher-Abai Qunanbayuli and his main contribution to Kazakh culture. Our moderator was Olga Volkova, who creatively conducted the club using the quiz about the biography of Great Kazakh poet.The main issue was the 170th anniversary of the Philosopher.Today, Kazakhs  revere Abay as one of the first folk heroes to