On August 26th the international book department hosted a discussion club on the theme «Конституция – ең қымбат қазына» "Kazakhstan – the Constitutional state". Moderators of the club were our active English speaking club users. They prepared presentation about  the holiday and spoke about Constitution Day, its history.

On 30th of August the Republic of Kazakhstan celebrates the Constitution Day, one of the most important state holidays in the country. Eighteen years ago on August 30, 1995 as a result of the nationwide referendum, Kazakhstan's Constitution–the supreme national law–was adopted establishing the rules and principles of building Kazakhstan as an independent, sovereign, economically liberal, fledgling democracy.

The head of the state, Nursultan Nazarbayev has stated that equality and unity of all Kazakhstanis is the main condition of successful development and prosperity, and Constitution is the guarantee of growth of well-being of every citizen of the country. "Constitution consolidated the main values for many centuries - independence, peace and stability. The duty of all state institutions and every Kazakhstani citizen is to guard these values," President stressed.

By tradition on Constitution Day festivities, concerts and different exhibitions are held in all regions and cities of the Republic. You can watch parades and games in the rural and mountain regions. The main festivity and official events are held in the country's capital Astana. You can visit concert stages, where Kazakh and foreign artists give performances. Solemn events are held in many parks and in the evening you can enjoy watching beautiful fireworks.

Annah Trunick ,English Language Fellow, was our main guest. There were more than 20 participants. She was very glad  to be invited stressed the importance of having such educational clubs for foreigners. Also we prepared an informative book exhibition on the theme.