On April 10, English language Fellow Annah Trunick held a lesson for her Master's students from Karaganda State Technical University (KSTU)at the American Corner Karaganda's virtual library. She gave the engineering students a general notion about the Virtual Library and helped them find specific scientific and technical texts related to their specialities to use for their Academic Writing course. The students were excited to find so many wonderful resources and were interested in patent documents, new technologies, transportation, and the mining industry. They used databases to access countless articles in the English language and, since English is the language of international engineering, this has proven to be an invaluable learning tool for them since the databases at KSTU only access Russian and Kazakh journals. They were grateful to be introduced to online database and academic journal research and were happy to be able to access them at the library, free of charge. After the class, students made plans to become regular American Corner users and take advantage of the many resources we have to offer!