On April 1, the English Language Fellow Anna Trunick conducted the 5th seminar for local teachers of English and focused this time on Jazz Chants in teaching English. That theme was a tribute to the Jazz Appreciation Month that is celebrated in the USA and at our American Corner in April. During the seminar, the participants used jazz rhythms and created their own chain of words for learning. It turned to be so much fun! As it was the final workshop, the participants received certificates of participation in the series of seminars "Student Learning Styles, Critical Thinking, and Communicative Language Teaching Workshop" All presentations of Annah will be placed on the website of the City department of education as a part of the "English Teaching Treasury" fund. Over 30 local English language teachers attended these seminars held at the American Corner Karaganda. We actively used print and digital resources of the Corner as well as American English Online website and Virtual Library. This project will be continued in summer in form of a Summer English Camp for Teachers.

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