On January 17, the American Corner Karaganda organized a presentation on the Teaching Excellence & Achievement Program (TEA) that provides international teachers with unique opportunities to develop expertise in their subject areas in the USA.

The moderator of the event was Gulnaz Zhukenova – a TEA program alumna and a great partner of our American Corner. Gulnaz  offered a detailed explanation and consultation of how to fill in an Application form and develop the right lesson plan, and the American Corner with the help of the City Department of Education invited local EFL teachers .

As additional information, the AC presented an Information board about the TEA program and IREX organization and Gulnaz invited the teachers to take part in web- chat that was organized by the US Embassy Kazakhstan on the January 17 (btw, many our colleagues from other ACs in Kazakhstan took part in it).

Result: TEA alumna Gulnaz did a great promotion of the program to 30 local teachers. Due to inclement weather and blizzards, many teachers who signed up for the event could not travel from the nearby towns. Gulnaz also represented a wonderful example how TEA program helped her in her carrier development and promotion that truly inspired the event participants. We are confident that after such interesting, useful and informative event, many local teachers will follow Gulnaz’ example, strive to participate in the TEA program and thus, strengthen the bridges of mutual understanding between Kazakhstan and the USA.