March 10th, Fatih Thompson teacher who works in Astana, (who visited us on February 23th with Ben Taylor) came back to the Regional library named after N.V.Gogol. He conducted the session about funny laws. It was the second visit of Mr. Thompson to the library, and he loved it so much.

People who visited his session they were very excited for the meeting, because they came up with the topic of the session. Session started at 2pm, and was about 1,5 hours.

People separated by groups, there were 6 teams by 4-5 people. 20 questions of Trivia were very interesting, and visitors learnt a lot of new things. The most active participants was the team number 1. They won by a wide margin, and received universal recognition. However, we dare to say that in addition to the quiz, the readers were very happy to talk with Fatih himself, and asked him their questions. It turned out that Mr. Thompson is very interested in Central Asia, and especially Kazakhstan. He wants to stay here as long as possible, and imbued with a warm feeling for our hometown, Karaganda. The teacher was very surprised readers with their extensive knowledge of our hometown. So, he casually congratulated readers on the anniversary of the city, and was very surprised when the staff of the International Book Department told him that in addition to the city, the library itself was also celebrating its anniversary.

Readers also asked Fatih when he would come to Karaganda again. To which the teacher replied that he was ready to come when he was called, because He really liked in the city, especially in the library. On such a happy note, the session came to an end. However, the importance of holding such an event should be emphasized. Kazakhstan has always been known for its friendliness. In our country there are more than 100 nationalities who live in peace and harmony. The socio-economic effect of the implementation of such events is expressed in ensuring a stable social situation, strengthening the ideas of unity and inter-ethnic harmony, strengthening tolerance in a multi-ethnic youth environment.

We believe that holding these events with the involvement of foreign teachers not only increases interest in the library as a whole, but also has the power to form new ideas of friendship between people and etc.