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France is the center of European fashion, culture and love. There are a lot of magnificent beaches of French Riviera, luxury ski resorts of French Alps and value medieval architecture of ancient cities. Every person can choose his or her own France: castles, museums, palaces, beaches, vineyards and vine-making districts, a spa resting resorts and colorful nature, ski resorts and majesty of Alps. French literature takes the central position in intellectual and art development of whole Europe. In honor of declared day of “International year of languages”, which was set by UNESCO the Karagandy Regional Universal Scientific Library named after N.Gogol in community with Alliance Francaise of Karagandy organized France week from January 21 till January 27 of 2019. Within the program “France: country, people, traditions” was conducted the entertainment and educative events. From mass-media we invited informational portal EKaraganda and TV channel Novoe Televidenie. The correspondents of EKaraganda, which is connected with us by our recent cooperation, announced their upcoming event on their website:


January 21 is the first day of French week. In the library’s coworking centre, which is called «Bilim ortalyģy», was drawn attention of visitors and clerks of library and they were presented «L’ heure de lire!» book exhibition and video about France. Department of art and department of abonement, which took part as co-organizer of French week, gave works about art, history and culture of France for organizing of exhibition. The books of famous French authors of past and present such as: Jules Verne, George Sand, Antoine de Saint-Exupery, Marc Levy and the others, became great element of the exhibition, calling nostalgic smile and pleasant memories to readers. The workers of Department of International Book conducted the round table under the theme “The language through the culture. The culture through the language”, where were discussed proverbs and dictums in Kazakh, Russian, English and French languages by compilation of proverbs of Kazakh authors such as: Tairbekov B.G., Amirov Z.G., and the others.
There was conducted ceremonial opening in January 22, with the participation of head of RCSL named after N.Gogol Shaimuhanbetova A.S. and the headmistress of “Alliance Francaise” of Karagandy Firsova E.E. Co-Woking “Bilim ortalyģy” was filled up with quotes and atmosphere of work “The Little Prince”, because there was quiz about Antoine de Saint-Exupery’s work. Especially the pupils of gymnasia #38 proved ourselves – Bokizhanov Alem, Azaryan Garik, Romashkova Polina and Filialov Viktor. The participants had been rewarded by “Alliance Francaise” of Karagandy.
There was introduced the opportunity to readers and visitors of the library in January 23 to learn about with art of France within the exhibition “L’art de France” from 12.00 till 18.00 o’clock. For work from department of art, which became the main piece of the exhibition, came a golden opportunity. Readers were examining the information about French artists, sculptors and other famous cultural figure of France with pleasure. It should be noted that the participants – the pupils of infantile art school #1, with head of the organization – Kenesbaev Dina Toleugalevna took active part in quiz from “Alliance Francaise” about art of France and worldwide art culture.

There was conducted the video conference in January 24 at 13:00 o’clock with Karagandy citizens, who live in France at this moment. Firsova E.E., who was from “Alliance Francaise”,  was performing as moderator of the conference. Apart from conference, the pupils of gymnasium #3 – Aysha Mukatova and Shokenov Temirlan, and also pupil of gymnasium #101 – Zhanzhol Aruzhan – performed with activity. The pupils of gymnasium #97 were dancing to French songs, and they were taking part in quiz, which was prepared Ekaterina Evgenievna. But pupils of specialized school for gifted children – “Murager”, who were in amount of 30 pupil, had shown high level of erudition and team work. There was the correspondent of informational portal EKaraganda – Kymbat Kalieva. The link to the article:
The article was published on website of portal, you can examine with it by this link:
In January 25 at 15.30 the head of Alliance Francaise, Firsova E.E., conducted trial lesson of French language for volunteers, where they could explore basics and subtlety of learning this lovely language. The lesson was being conducted for half an hour and ended with solemn speech of director of RCSL named after N. Gogol – Amanzholova Dina Bazarbaevna. There also were representatives of mass-media from Novogo Televidenia. The article about the event was published on portal of the TV-channel. The link to the publication:

 There was conducted the finishing exhibition in January 27 about culture of France, which was available for all readers of “Bilim ortalyģy” from 12:00 till 18:00.

We are really glad that how France week had passed in Gogol’s library. According to reviews and because of declared International year language we are going to conduct such fests in cooperation with other cultural-educational centres. Follow our news and do not skip entertainment events, which will take place in Gogolevka.