The day of the miner in Kazakhstan is traditionally celebrated on the last Sunday of the last summer month. On  August 26  English club users talked about the traditions and the past of this holiday in more detail: "Кеншілер күнімен" = "Горняк – профессия мужественных людей" = "Happy Miner’s Day"

In Kazakhstan, the miner's trade originated in the middle of the 19th century, when the development of the Karaganda basin begins.

Coal mining industry is a very important branch of national economy. Coal is one of the most important sources of heat and energy. Man realized the heating quality of coal long ago. Coal is widely used in metallurgical, power, and chemical industries. Coal yields a large quantity of chemicals.

 A holiday in Kazakhstan for miners is of particular importance for several reasons:

• 4% of the world's coal reserves are concentrated in the country.

• Kazakhstan ranks 10th in the world in terms of production of black gold.

• Coal mining provides the country with electricity by 80%.

• Kazakhstan miners produce more than 90 million tons annually.

• 85% of companies that produce coal in the country, domestic.

• Kazakh coal accounts for about 3% of global coal exports.

Thus, coal is not only a matter of pride and strategic resource, but also a source of electricity, significant revenues to the budget and a way to create jobs.

A distinctive feature of coal mining in the country is the availability of large reserves of coal, which can be extracted in an open way.

From the moment of appearance to the present day, the profession of a miner is considered one of the most dangerous and extreme. This is despite the fact that the life and health of modern miners protects many devices. The modern mine is a big mechanized underground plant in which machines do all the work. Our scientists and inventors, in close collaboration with miners, have developed many new types of mining machines. These vary in size and power. The introduction of new machinery is the main reason for an increase of labor productivity in the mining industry.

About the miners' profession, more than a dozen books have been written, many movies have been shot, many songs have been written.

The holidays of Kazakhstan are designed to emphasize the importance of not only individual events, but also people in the life of the country. Therefore, one of the most revered professional holidays is the Miner's Day. Congratulations!