May 7 in the Republic of Kazakhstan  is a Defenders of the Motherland Day. The whole country is celebrating this important state holiday. Much attention is paid to veterans of war and labor, festive matinees, contests, competitions in military applied sports, are held in general education institutions. A number of events were held in the regions of the country. For example, in the Karaganda region a festival of soldiers' songs was planned. Our English speaking club users also marked the date.  

Wediscussedthetopic “Қазақстанды қорғау – менің борышым.- На страже государства, мира и независимости. - Оn the Guard of the State, Peace and Independence”.

Kazakhstan is an independent state. And its purpose is to protect the rights and freedom of its citizens. For this, the army and police are necessary. On May 7, 1992 the Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan were created under the decree of the President Nursultan Nazarbayev. This is our army. On June 23, 1992 the law “On the Internal affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan Authorities”, i.e. police, was passed. Army in Kazakhstan is divided intothree typesof Armed forces – Land Forces, Air Defense Forces and Naval Forces.

The Land Forces also include kinds of troops such as Airmobile Troops, Missile Troops and Artillery. In addition to Armed Forces, military organization includes Republican Guards, Interior Troops and Border Service. Land Forces are designed for combat operations on land. They are the first to meet the enemy on their borders and to attack. Missile Troops and Artillery are designed for combat operations with the gun and missile system use, as well as artillery reconnaissance and control. Airmobile Troops are designed for operational, rapid execution of sudden, urgent tasks. Air Defense Forces conduct reconnaissance, protect cities from the enemies air raids, carry valuable cargo.

Naval Forces protect the interests of the country while conducting combat operations at sea. They also provide merchant ships protection from pirates’ attacks. Interior Troops guard important public facilities, correctional facilities, special cargo in transit and execute special tasks. Border of Kazakhstan, on land and at sea. The Internal Affairs Authorities include criminal police, administrative police and some other services. Police are representatives of the state power. The Internal Affairs Authorities fight against crime and ensure public safety and traffic security. We agreed that this state holiday is very important for our country. We had a book exhibition and the thematic stand for the event.