Karaganda city was visited by Deputy Ambassador of the USA by John Mark Pommershaim. High- ranking guest met with Leadership of the regional akimat, visited Karaganda ecological museum and saw our new sport and recreation complex named after Genndy Golovkin, also he  rode a bike through the central streets of the city.

John  Pommershaim liked a new complex opened in June of this year. This complex is a three- storied building, on the second store of which is universal hall with the tribunes for 100 viewers.  Besides, there are swimming  pool with the dressing rooms and shower cabins for staff and etc.  There are 3 dressing rooms with shower rooms, coaching rooms, boxing hall on the third store. There is planned to hold free boxing classes , weightlifting, basketball and volleyball, also free swimming and synchronized swimming.

 I am first time in Karaganda and I have very nice impressions. It`s seen, that kids of Karaganda have more possibilities  to do sport, of course, Gennady Golovkin, which is popular in USA gives a big stimulus for this. Moreover, we had a great conversation in the akimat of Karaganda region and told about development of economical cooperation.  I visited ecological museum , after that I met with participants of Americanexchange program, they are volunteers, teachers of local educational institutions.  In my opinion Its important to get acquainted with the region and people, who live there. Especially we strive to expand our exchange programs, - said John Pommershaim. 

The next morning Deputy Ambassador of the USA took part in the bike ride through the central streets of Karaganda. This offer was by Karaganda livers, who study within American educational programs.

Several of them are compulsive cyclists . Honestly, I like bicycle since childhood. And in spite of hot weather I decided to see the city live, said he.

During the meeting with young sportsman of Karaganda he gave to them a book of American author Cristopher Cardozo «Great wars» , saying about him delight with the talent of Golovkin and considers him a real warrior. Deputy Ambassador of the USA wished good lucks to champion in upcoming fight.

P.S. Deputy Ambassador of the USA by John Mark Pommershaim also pleased us his unexpected visit in American Corner Karaganda !

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