On November 27 American Corner Karaganda celebrated National American Indian and Alaska Native Heritage month. American teachers of English helped us to make this event very interesting. We invited students from Kazakhstani –American School.

At first we got acquainted with American Indians who contributed much to American culture. We used printed and electronic materials sent by US embassy .The audience learnt much through "American Indian Heritage Month" presentation. While students were discussing the presentation American teacher Mr.Caleb, by name put on American Indian costume. He entered the room and said: "Oki Ni-Kso-Ko-Wa "(Hello All my relatives) – This is the traditional greeting in Native American Culture. Then Mr. Caleb said a story about Wa- Tho-Huk– American Indian(1888-1953). His name means "Bright Path". He was one of America's greatest athletes. His English name was Jim Thorpe. In the 1912 Olympics in Stockholm, Sweden, Jim Thorpe won two gold medals. He won the pentathlon and the decathlon. Sweden's king Gustav V said, "Jim Thorpe is the greatest athlete in the world". Later Jim was the first president of the National Football League(NFL). In one baseball game, Jim Thorpe hit three home runs into three different states! He played in a ballpark on the Texas –Oklahoma- Arkansas border. His first home run went over the left field wall. The ball landed in Oklahoma. The second went over the right field wall into Arkansas. His third home run was inside center field in Texas! American Corner made an information board about to the event.