On October 25 AC Karaganda had a Club, devoted to the memory of Daniel Pearl(1963-2002). Daniel Pearl, the Wall Street Journal reporter, was kidnapped and murdered in 2002. Daniel was a gifted musician who always traveled with his violin or mandolin to connect people through words and music.

The participants learned about the Daniel Pearl Foundation that promotes cross-cultural dialogue and understanding, strives to counter cultural and religious intolerance, to cultivate responsible and balanced journalism, and to inspire unity and friendship through music The Daniel Pearl Foundation was formed by Pearl's family and friends to continue Pearl's mission.

Daniel Pearl World Music Days have been held worldwide since 2002, and have promoted concerts in over 60 countries. A collection of Pearl's writings “At Home in the World” was published in 2002. Pearl's widow, Mariane Pearl, wrote the memoir “A Mighty Heart”, which tells the full story of Pearl and more about his life. The book was adapted into a film. Result: AC patrons learned about Daniel Pearl, watched a presentation and had a small concert performing Kazakh music on dombyra.