The students were eager to get acquqainted with the work of International book department and American Corner Karaganda. They were pleasantly surprised with the new services of the library, and of course, became library readers.

During activities at American corner the students divided into groups. One group of students made puzzle, another group played boarding games Twister, Monopoly, Taboo and the others played Mafia game. 

This meeting was also a great experience, because they used English while playing.

The students were extremely interested in the colorful books, English literature and great choice of DVDs and educational CDs. The excursion was of great fun and students didn’t want go home.

We work in collaboration with English language teachers from this school who brought a new stream of children to American Corner at Gogol library . We want to express our gratitude to our guests and we wait for everyone who is eager to become more close to English language and American Corner Karaganda.