Dear readers !

You are kindly invited to participate at the  City Exhibition of Artistic Creative  Works named "Earth Day”. This event  was the initiative of the American Corner at  Karaganda regional research library  named  after  N. Gogol and the Children's Art School № 1.

"Earth Day" exhibition is devoted to an annual holiday called "Earth Day" in the United States and celebrated on April 22.  This day people in the U.S. are planting  trees and  clean the territory and rivers.

At the request of the U.S. Embassy in Kazakhstan , children's drawings , may also reflect the task of protecting  the population of saiga, steppe antelope, and snow leopard in Kazakhstan.  There are more ideas proposed  for the drawings such as: "America is Closer Than it Seems”.  It will help young artists to show similarities in culture of  two nations . For example : Kazakh national costume and cowboy suit , creating handmade quilts, traditional food and drinks, the monuments of our city and  some monument in the U.S. The exhibition  starts  on Wednesday, April 16 till  April 21, 2014. 

At the closing  of the exhibition we invited  Bayan Shaku - "American Corners and Cultural Centers in Kazakhstan ." coordinator.

Children of the following age are invited  to participate:

  • Age: 6 to 8
  • From the age : 9 to 11
  • From the age: 12 to 14 - 16

The exhibition’ll  take place at Reginoal research library named after  N. Gogol. Participants’  creative works should of the size 

  • * drawings (A4 , A3 )
  • * crafts from natural and other material.

Give a name to your  drawings, please,  in Kazakh, Russian or English.

Drawings or crafts bring , please, accoding  to the  address:


Regional  research library named  after  N.Gogol

American Corner.

44 Erubaev. str.

Contact  phone :49 -33- 75,

Saturday - is a day off